Layered phyllo dough with crushed walnut mix baked in the oven and then
soaked in our homemade honey syrup...great for any occasion!



Vanilla Shell or Chocolate Covered Shell stuffed with sweet ricotta condense
milk with dehydrated fruit and chocolate chips...its Italian!!


Turnover...Apple, Peach or Cherry...6.25

Baked not fried...Largest ones you ever seen!!


Cookies...Chocolate Chip, Reese’s or Sugar

Each cookie is 7oz….1 for 2.75 or 2 for 5.00


Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream...1.50

Add a scoop to any of our desserts...


Midnight Craving….7.25

Title says it all! Triple chocolate layer with a taste of mousse only good at midnight!


Strawberry Cheese Cake...7.00

Our New York style cheese topped with the freshest Farmers
Market strawberries in our house strawberry glaze.


Coconut Cake...6.00

This tropical taste will have you wishing you were soaking in the sun in a far away


Peanut Butter Thunder...7.25

Chocolate layered cake with peanut butter icing in between the layers topped witheveryone’s favority...reese’s cup crumbles.


New York Cheese Cake...6.00

Taste good without anything on it….try it!

Turtle Cheese Cake...6.75

Must be the combo…caramel and chocolate can’t be wrong!



Ladyfingers dipped in expresso layered with mascarpone cheese flavored with
cocoa creating a very smooth creamy dessert...Very Italian!


French Silk Pie...5.25

Light chocolate mousse pie with a whip topping!


Pecan Caramel Fudge Cake...6.75

Brownie like fudge cake with centered caramel and topped with pecans, heath
crumbles and caramel! For you caramel chocolate lovers….


Chocolate Melt Down...6.50

Individual dark chocolate bun cake warmed and topped with
vanilla ice cream dressed to perfection!



Family Style Desserts...9.25

New York Blackout

Sampler Cake

Carrot Cake

Reese’s Cake

Red Velvet

Hummingbird Cake

German Chocolate

Oreo Cake

Caramel Cake

Chocolate Suicide

Italian Cream

7 Sins Cake

Lemon Cream Cake

White Choc Raspberry

Coke Cola Cake

Strawberry Shortcake

Milky Way Cake

Heath Cake

Butterfinger Cake