Children's Menu

(10 Years Old or Under Only)

Golden Fried Shrimp
Golden fried shrimp served with fries & tartar sauce...8.75

Golden Fried Fish
Fillet of fried grouper served with fries & tartar sauce...8.25

Chicken Strips
Tender strips of chicken freshly breaded served with Marinara sauce & fries...7.25

Fettuccine Alfredo
A blend of butter, real cream, three Italian cheeses & fresh herbs tossed with fettuccine pasta...8.25

Cappelini Meatsauce or Meatball...6.25

Plain Pasta
(Your choice pasta) Served with butter & fresh grated parmesan on the side...5.25

Pita Pizza
Perfect for kids! Your choice with one topping...5.25

Grilled Cheese...4.25